Friday, February 14, 2020

Save Australian Animals Challenge

Save Australian Animals Challenge 

everyone we are running an extra challenge this month the whole team felt we would like to help with all the Australian Animals that have been hurt due to 
all our Bush Fires.
This Challenge will run from the 15th of February to 15th of March 2020 

The fires have been horrific and to see all the animals hurt has broken our hearts and not only has the animals been hurt by the fires so have been the people of Australia even the people that give up their time to care for our animals all year round. A kangaroo Sanctuary  Wild 2 Free Inc They have lost everything and have to start again 

You Can find there Facebook page HERE You can see 
all the hard work they do for these animals 

We would love if you could help them out with a small donation even if it is a Gold coin donation which is $1.00 or $2.00 in Australia anything is a help here is the link to their Go Fund Me page HERE

This is what they are using ATM for the sick animals 

Or you can donate with paypal or into their bank account
Listed below

Wild 2 Free is situated on two properties: 157 acres 
adjacent to the Mogo State Forest near Batemans Bay
and 850 acres backing onto Wadbilliga National Park in Yowrie near Cabargo. We are release sites, and committed long term to the welfare of all wildlife in care and elsewhere.
Additionally, we have rescue goats and ponies and will try and help any animal requiring short or long-term help and accommodation.
We are committed to wildlife education, with particular 
interest in the suffering of the surviving kangaroos during
culls for meat Production and the damage caused to their
social structure and genetic lines as a result. We are 
interested in the protection of all wildlife, but currently focus mainly on kangaroos and wallabies who require quite a lot of time and resources. We care for wildlife under licence with Wildlife Rescue South Coast.
We are registered charity with DGR status. Donations Over $2.00 are tax deductable.
Paypal donations:
Bank Donations: Wild 2 Free Inc.
/ ANZ Bank / BSB 012525 / ACC 410820239

4am on NYE this happened  

At 4am on NYE, I was woken to a raging wind and inferno. The Mogo State Forest was on fire. We tried to protect the property but we couldn’t. It wasn’t a bushfire. 
It was a raging apocalypse.
 There were no planes or fire trucks there to access or help us. By the time it reached the back of our property, our pictured neighbour Simon had already lost everything. 
We took shelter at the river and he was able to get his boat over to us and 
he got us to the only place we could be, in the centre of the water at 
Batemans Bay. 

We are safe 

with friends and Simon has been back. There is nothing left except miraculously, 
the little cottage. He is there with no power and no water.
 We are safe with communications back tonight, 
at Bawley Point staying with a friend. The inferno was so bad we probably would have 
died too from smoke inhalation if not fire. Given the intensity, we are 
unsure if any of the Roos survived. 
I wait for news and desperately hope that even one made it out alive. There was 
nowhere for them to flee. We will go on. We will rebuild. We will restore nature and 
then we will again care for kangaroos. They are the ONLY thing that matters to me. 
Many messages and missed calls. I will get to them as I can  

They lost everything they used to help the  Animals they have to rebuild all of it this is what is left of the feeding area 

We would love it if you could possibly donate to their charity to help them rebuild they don't only help Kangaroo's they help other Australia wildlife like these guys they are all Australian Wildlife 

For this Challenge you must enter with a 
Australian Themed Project it could be a Australian animal , Australian bush, Aussie flag anything that represents Australia 

Our DT have been hard at work making lots of Australian projects using images from Whimsy Stamps , Di's Digi's Stamps  and Kit and Clowder Colouring Classes all these companies have donated to the Australian bush fire Relief

Whimsy Stamps has kindly donated a prize for this challenge and of cause it is their beautiful Australian images 
 By Chrissy Armstrong 

If you would like to purchase these images you can find them HERE 

We still have our normal challenge running it is always anything goes find it HERE

Now For Our DT Projects 

All of these projects are done with Whimsy Stamps
 Love For Australia Stamp Set 

All of these projects are done with Whimsy Stamps


Hester is using Love For Australia Set

Chrissy Using Whimsy Stamps Love For Australia Set 

All of these images come from the set 

All of these images all come from the same Love For Australia Set 

All these project are using Di's Digi Stamps 

Chrissy using Di's Digi Stamps Gday Izzy

Chrissy Using Di's Digi's Stamps Koala Bear Hugs 

Joy using Di's Digi's Stamps Gday Izzy 

Joy using Di's Digi's Stamps Koala Bear Hugs 

Jackie using Di's Digi Stamps Gday Izzy 

Jackie using Di's Digi Stamps Koala Bear Hugs 

Monique using Di's Digi Stamps Mia's Koala Hugs 

Monique also made this card with die cuts 

Kit and Clowder Monthly Colouring Classes

Michelle using a image from Kit and Clowder Colouring Classes  Pencil Class From December 2019

Thank you for joining into our Aussie Challenge and please enteryour Aussie Projects here


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  4. Thank you very much for running this challenge. The fires have been devastating here in Australia. I bought the lovely Whimsy set. Lovely work by the design team.

    1. Thank you Margaret I live in Australia also the fires been devastating it has broken my heart for everyone involved I feel for all the animals ❤️❤️🐨🐨

  5. WONDERFUL projects to INSPIRE and a WONDERFUL theme!
    I'm an Aussie and really appreciate how the world is pulling together to help people and wildlife affected by the fires.

    1. I agree it has been great watching people ban together to help the animals and the people I am a Aussie as well

  6. I oopsed and posted the wrong picture to this challenge. Can you delete #7 and I'll post the correct one. Sorry about that! Thanks

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  8. OOPS - I should have watched the linky time better, had several cards to link.
    GOOD LUCK Everyone and THANK YOU for your caring support of Australia :)


Thanks for your comments and for supporting this challenge!

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